I am beginning to see a link between myself and Einstein’s theory of relativity, and how these two things are also in direct relation to not only quantum entanglement, but to all things everywhere.

I am a positive person in general, and I notice that the people and things I surround myself with also seem to radiate with good intention and joy. This can be seen throughout my entire house on a grand scale, like one of my roommates or my cat, or down to the pencil I write with, or the pillow I rest my head upon. Why shouldn’t these people and things radiate with joy? After all, if they didn’t make me happy, then I wouldn’t have them in my life. People who are generally fun find their way into my life because we attract one another like a magnet. ‘Like attracts like.’

This is how I think it works on a metabolic level: The neurons within my neurological web are at a positive constant. I don’t linger long on the negative influences in my life. They either make me feel sad or angry. There is just no sense in embracing such lonesome and dark thoughts, and I notice that when I am in a foul temper, the people I surround myself with absorb my negative thoughts. The domino effect takes place and eventually everyone around me is upset. They should not have to feel this way on my account. They depend on me to be happy as much as I depend on them.

When I maintain a positive constant within my neurological web, I am applying the science behind ‘like attracts like,’ and this is where I feel quantum entanglement fits into the equation. The subatomic particles within me are connected with all other particles throughout the entire universe. All these same particles reside in plants, animals, inanimate objects, and space.

Now hopefully you are starting to see my connection with Einstein’s theory of relativity.

E=MC2. What this means is that energy and weight are the same thing. Using this equation, a person could to weigh themselves, take their weight, multiply it by the speed of light, and multiply it by the speed of light again, and the number they come up with is the amount of energy that dwells inside of them. In addition: This astounding number is one thousand times larger than even the largest atomic weapon detonated by mankind. So with that kind of power inside of us, wouldn’t you want to focus all that energy onto something positive?

By being a positive person, and having an open mind to all things, I am able to fall in love with many things throughout a normal day. Trees, people, animals and the universe. It is all so complex that it comes across as nothing short of spectacular.

I believe this might be how Daniel made it out of the lions den alive. He liked those creatures, and they liked him. So the lions may have decided to save their taste buds for a person with a less than tasteful attitude.

So if this isn’t enough evidence, I will leave you with the water experiment.

There is an experiment that was done involving tiny droplets of water, and this experiment demonstrates the severe importance of a positive attitude. It goes as follows: The drops of water were placed on sample trays in a freezer. Once they froze they were placed under a microscope for observation. The drops of water appeared as blobs. Just uninteresting frozen water. However, the same experiment was conducted later, except the next batch of water was told that it was loved. Once these specimens froze, the scientists discovered amazing shapes (much like snow flakes) formed from each of the water drops. So now we have scientific proof that everything in our universe has a direct relationship to how we are thinking.

Cast a message of love into the universe and you will get positive feedback! Guaranteed!

So try to stay positive my friends. Your happiness depends on it, and the happiness of the entire universe may very well depend on it as well. What’s more important than that?

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Daniel Craig Roche

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