The Mission is out to build a community of critical thinkers and creative minds who strive for a better and fair world through writing by showing the current world as it is with acute 20/20 vision!
Writers wanted!
There are three types of writers: some writers write to tell a story; some writers write just to write; some writers write to change the world.
The third group dreams to change the world through writing. When they realize it's not easy to influence change through mere words, they take the challenge even more seriously. They become adamant and try to write even more instead of giving up.
We are a group of writers world-wide who believe we can change the world to be better than what it is today. We will not give up until we are able to effect changed. We will continue to write until the bitter end.
We invite obsessed, driven, “crazy” writers like us. Join us and write with 20/20 vision for our readers.
We are determined to create a community of writers in establishing a fair world through a variety of perspectives on the issues that matter!
(A heartfelt thanks to those already committed to writing for the site)
Readers wanted!
We are looking for an interactive reader group from different parts of the world. We are open to your comments, suggestions, and any guidance you can give. We want to create a community of readers and writers where we interact to strive to unspin the propaganda and show with clarity the veiled truths.
Help wanted!
If you want to help in any way, please click on the volunteer tab. Thank you.

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