Occupy Wall Street movement: An appeal to the public and suggestions to the occupiers -Part 04, final part

Do you remember the Enron scandal? Enron filed for bankruptcy on December 2, 2001. Happy 10th anniversary! Did we learn anything from that? It happened—deception, negligence, heartless activities to the innocent people—the list can speak for itself and break our hearts, but we passed that phase. Even the accounting firm Arthur Anderson failed to perform to its fullest level of professionalism. On December 12, 2001, Joseph Berardino, the CEO of Arthur Anderson, testified before Congress and stated that Enron might have violated securities laws. Really? Where were your employees?
When a keeper starts eating your trust, there is nothing you can live by!
In the long run, we forget those incidents, as we always say that Americans have a short memory. We saw that it happened, we complained, and we cried; then eventually we forgot.
This is what happens in a materialistic society. We are too busy to gather things. We want things. We will pepper spray if necessary in our shopping spree. We will fight for pants. We want stuff. Period!
You ought to read [the article written by Leslie Silverman on that incident]( http://www.viewshound.com/real-life-other/2011/12/2/black-pepper-spray-friday). You will get an idea how we behave! Ashamed? Maybe, may be not!
Then came the housing market boom to bring joy in our lives! We were happy again! We were happy until it crashed because of so much wrongdoing that it could not sustain its artificial "happy hour" any more.
The rest is history. Now here we are—the Occupy Wall Street movement.
How do we do it though? Let us look at it from a revolutionary standpoint.
Do we need a bloody revolution in the US? I don't think so. Remember, most of us are against war/weapons. We are sophisticated enough to avoid a bloody revolution in the US. Besides, can a bloody revolution stand in the US? I don't think so. If police don't think twice to pepper-spray some students to empty a place, the military will be there to kill by the thousands in a minute if necessary. Thus, don't even think about a bloody revolution! Be smart, threaten the authority with intellectuality; it will be more effective anyway. If people come onto the streets with weapons, a lot of people like me will withdraw their support from the movement. Another reason I wouldn't support a bloody revolution is to avoid a riot or a civil war; a revolution turned into a riot or a civil war—who would want that?
Some people say that it is time for the US to fall. I don't agree. They show Rome as their evidence to support their thought. The time is different. We can easily gather data and have much more ability to process the data than ever before to come up with a solution. If we are unable to do that, it will prove that we are intellectually incapable of holding our position in a modern society and thus we don't deserve to be a first world country anymore.
###Suggestion to the Occupiers
Step back. Sometimes, a step back in a movement is actually multiple steps forward to sustain the cause in a greater sense. Take some time off until Christmas. Enjoy the Christmas.
In China, Mao Zedong strategically moved backward miles after miles and left flyers behind for the soldiers asking them to leave Chiang Kai-shek, and join the revolution.The result was astonishing. A lot of soldiers left and joined Mao, only to increase the strength to fight against Chiang Kai-shek.
Identify yourself. Some think you are asking for socialism or communism. It is not true. I have not seen any tie between communism, socialism, and the people in the movement. As a matter of fact, I find it obnoxious and very idiotic behavior for some people to tar the people with this allegation, and look down at the movement. On the other hand, people involved in the movement are not doing a superb job to explain their position either.
It is your responsibility to show that you are not asking for socialism or communism to be established in the US, rather it will take place by default if the authorities don't rectify some wrongdoings to sustain a healthy living of capitalism. An unhealthy capitalism is worse than communism!
Develop a model with the help of academia, and other experienced people, to explain the movement. Bring them to participate in the movement. Show them the necessity, and they will further show the tremendous necessity of the movement in return. The intensity needs to be built up soon. The momentum needs to be generated in order for mass people to participate.
Extend your hand to ALL the lawmakers. They will come when they see their constituents are angry. A vote is a terrible thing to waste! Lawmakers get worried when they see they are not getting votes from their constituents. They can't afford that simply because it's their bread and butter.
As a whole, people are fed up with our leaders, yet a fraction of the people are involved with the movement and/or support it. If you reach a level with such an agenda, and with such leadership, people will follow.
Make people understand that the movement is for the people as a whole. Everyone has a stake in it. People would come forward for their next generation when they see the benefit of the movement to strive for a better world.
Come back in a couple of months so strong, with such a knowledge based agenda that a park can be cleared, BUT, not the revolution!
###In summary:
1. Get a leader—good, bad, ugly, does not matter. We need someone to stand up and take the responsibility of leadership. It's a tough job, but somebody got to do it.
2. Give speeches constantly—have a stage built up and speak to the public.
3. Communicate with the other participants in a different part of the country on a real time basis.
4. Establish a website to communicate and ask the public to join and support the cause.
5. Ask the media for free air-time to address to the public. Currently, you don't have a good image, if any at all, thanks to the media. The media are not portraying the movement as you should and want them to portray it.
6. Write to all the senators and congressmen for support. Invite them to speak; they will come when their constituents write to them to come, threatening that otherwise they won't vote next time.

7. Get rid of the bad apples. Some of the occupiers are blamed for wrong behavior. Make sure no one does anything to create controversy over a religion or any other sensitive issue. Some are blamed for making anti-Semitic comments.

To have a fruitful outcome, we must have a worthy input in the movement. Or else, garbage in, garbage out!
In a nutshell, organize yourself. You need the right "sling" to fight against Goliath. Remember that Congress, the almighty God, is not on your side. In 2009, when the banks were making profit, Congress awarded them $13 billion to "save" them! There is no one to save you, dear David!
To the public
Where are you on the tube of toothpaste discussed in the [third part of this series](http://www.viewshound.com/politics-usa/2011/11/29/occupy-wall-street-movement-an-acute-study-and-sug--4) of articles? If you are at the beginning, of course you have a reason to support the movement. Do you think you have a reason if you are in the middle of the tube? How about if you are on the last one inch of the tube?
Yes, you have reasons no matter where you are on the tube. You have more reasons to support the movement if you are at the last inch (mouth) of the tube than at the beginning. Shocking? Not really! This is for your future—for your kids' future. You want to support the movement to stabilize the country—for a healthy class to develop in a healthy capitalism where you can enjoy your wealth. You want to die peacefully, knowing that you are leaving your children in a safe and fair world where they too will be able to enjoy their inheritance. Can you really enjoy an evening at home when you passed a ton of hungry people on the street on the way home? Can you sleep at night peacefully knowing burglary has risen because of the scarcity in the country? Can you really enjoy a beef-steak knowing so many children don't have anything for dinner in your neighborhood?
As far as I am concerned, I will support the movement with all my heart if I see it is structured such a way that we can stand on a solid ground and claim our demands intelligently. I will support if I see that it is for a collective good. I will support it when I find ourselves in a spot prepared to be forcefully cleared, but authorities would not have the audacity to clear the 'movement' itself!
No matter who we are, all of us have reasons to support the movement not only for our sake, but also for the sake of our next generation. We just need a solid, structured ground to stand on, and it is the occupiers' responsibility to create that solid ground for all. Otherwise, this (OWS) will also pass in time!
Summary: No matter who we are, all of us have reasons to support the movement. We just need a solid platform to stand on. The OWS organizers should build that platform.

(Was Published in viewshound.com in Sept-Oct, 2011) 

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