Have you ever thought what happened to our tails? Recently, I started writing an article about the remarks at the end of our articles. That section is certainly the tail of the article, isn't it?
Most animals are lucky to have their tails intact. Cows use their tails significantly to get rid of the flies and mosquitoes. Monkeys use them to hang out from the tree. Lucky for them, they can literally hang out, unlike human beings. We just say it, but don't really do it. We just lie as usual!
Elephants have small tails that do not even reach the midpoint of their bodies. Maybe, their tails too will fall off soon like ours. Squirrels really like their tails. They like to show off sometimes with an attitude when they bite on a nut. I like it though. I wish I could do that when I chew on a chicken bone. No other animal uses a tail like dogs do! Their happiness depends on their tails. They like to wag their tails when they are happy. I would love to do that when I am happy, and slap others with my tail as well to show my happiness!
Turtles also have tails. Really small though! I can't think of anything that they really need a tail for. Maybe for traffic signals or to tie a flag on for Independence Day unless they like to play ping-pong with that! The pigs have their little tails to be Peggy; I guess because I can't think of any use of it otherwise! Kangaroos have long tails, and they really know how to use them! When fighting, they balance on their tails and kick their opponents. I wonder if they use their tails to slap their babies if they try to jump out of their belly-pocket!
Sometimes, I wonder what it would be like if we still had our tails. One thing for sure that needed to be different would be our clothes. Men would need a hole in the pant to let the tail hang out. Wouldn't that be nice though to have a part hanging out, and use it when you need it? That would have been so cool!
How about women? How about their clothes? How would they use their tails? Maybe women would have tied their tails with their hair braids to make a fine point to their men. You can really tie down if you want - you stupid men! One thing I am sure of is that Martha Stewart would have been very happy to decorate the tails of women and make money from doing this!
If you think you would look ugly with a tail, you are dead wrong. I can't imagine a tiger without a tail. A tiger would look so ugly without a tail that we wouldn't care for them anymore! I wish I had a tail! Don't you?
(As I was writing, I was also praying for a tail to grow on me! Damn it, I just checked - it didn't! Maybe, it will grow later!)
Summary: Do you ever wonder what happened to our tails? I do. I also wish I still had one!
(Was Published in viewshound.com in October, 2011)

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Kumar Ghosh


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