My heart matured into something complex.

More complex than you could never know.

You are still a kitten at heart,

and you wear your past on your shoulders

like the weight of a thousand broken dreams.

My past is nothing more than a faded memory.

A reminder at best.

You ask me to retrace those dreary steps of my past.

You ask me to return to you,

where I can stand by your side,

remembering those long forgotten days.

How can I move backward when

moving forward is the only thing I have ever known?

Look at where you are.

Look at where I am.

Remembering hurt while continuing to inflict pain

does not, and will not

get us to where we need to be.

You have a cheating heart,

and it will never

deserve this heart of a lion!

About the Author

Daniel Craig Roche

Daniel Craig Roche is the author of several articles. poems, novels and short stories. Mainly a writer of horror fiction, he found a fan base in inspirational writing with his slice-of-life vignettes. If you enjoy what you find here, find more at, Idea Gems Magazine, Tough Lit Magazine, or keep an eye out for one of his forethcoming novels.

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