Her attention focused now on the blinking red light.

She thinks she wasn’t meant to know.

Her ignorance excites me.

She plays along thinking I haven’t a clue.

Her ignorance excites him.

Her playtime has begun.

I entertain

even though it means nothing.

Minutes go by and she doesn’t know


My excitement becomes clearer.

She tilts her head in the opposite direction

mere moments too soon.

She realizes the blinking red light was not meant for her.

Her knowledge excites me.

She realizes cigarettes don’t float.

She realizes cigarettes don’t smoke themselves.

She notices how excited I’ve become.

She knows the blinking red light is not meant for her.

It is for me,

and for the pale face emerging

from the dark corner.

About the Author

Daniel Craig Roche

Daniel Craig Roche is the author of several articles. poems, novels and short stories. Mainly a writer of horror fiction, he found a fan base in inspirational writing with his slice-of-life vignettes. If you enjoy what you find here, find more at necrologyshorts.com, Idea Gems Magazine, Tough Lit Magazine, or keep an eye out for one of his forethcoming novels.

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