In a wonderful follow-up to my previous article,a planned EDL rally in the predominantly Jewish neighbourhood of Golders Green has been banned.

The anti-Semitic demonstration, which was to feature burnings of the Talmud (Jewish oral law*) and an Israeli flag, was banned from Golders Green and "will instead take place in Whitehall for just one hour" according to an article written on the website 'Hope not Hate' on 30/06/15.

In addition to the EDL being blocked from parading their hate (not to mention their lack of understanding), when they reached Whitehall, they were met with a (much larger) anti-Fascism demonstration, who shouted down the EDL through their speeches, and necessitated a police line to keep the two demonstrations apart.

The anti-Fascist demonstration shouted down the EDL who were attempting to make speeches from behind the police line, and "who targeted them with chants of: “Nazi scum – off our streets”", while Golders Green itself saw a huge multi-faith gathering in Golders Green in an attempt to utilise the community spirit which still exists there for the purpose of blocking the EDL rally.

*The Guardian includes the information that the EDL were not going to do this in public, but instead do it in private and then share the video online.  Because doing these things in public will get you arrested.  Lovely when people can parade their hate while hiding behind the law, isn't it?

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