John Russell Houser shot 11 people in a theatre in Lafayette on July 23, 2015 during the film "Trainwreck." 

According to CNN, Houser was a recent law school graduate who suffered from mental illnesses. After the shootings, he then turned on himself and shot himself in the head.

This shooting has turned people's attention back to the fateful night of the Aurora, Colorado shooting three years ago, where shooter James Holmes opened fire, injuring hundreds of people.

Instances like these are causing people to deeply question gun reform in the United States and who should be allowed to get guns. 

Like Holmes, there is evidence to suggest Houser's attack was not a spontaneous act, but rather, a planned out one. Holmes left 12 dead; Houser left two dead and injured 11 people. 

While no official statement has been made, people wonder if the recent sentencing in the Holmes' case was merely a coincidence or a push for action.



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