There are two types of conversations – dinner table conversation and there is “politically correct” one! Anything goes in dining table conversation. Freedom, absolute freedom – nothing to worry, no one to watch out, and nothing to calculate about the consequences! For example, there is no such a thing (phrase) called ‘n-word’ when you’re sitting at a dinner table (at the comfort of your home.) The word ‘nigger’ flows like a river. When I sit down with my friends, we call each other ‘nigger’ all the time, but never in public! Why not? Well, that’s not appropriate or ‘politically correct’ per se!

Most of us are (fully or somewhat) trained to open our mouth knowing the place first or where about! Donald Trump, on the other hand is not. I don’t know the reason and we may never know either why he is the way he is! And this is why he carries his dinner table with him. Maybe because he has so much money that he does not have to care about anything or anybody and thus he says whatever comes to his mind. But whatever the reason, he sure has changed the political atmosphere in the US. Good or bad – he sure has brought a different taste in our known boring world!

Let us talk about his outburst about Megyn Kelly. I am referring to his famous statement - blood is coming out. Famous and yet tasteless! However, is he the only one talks like this when encountering a woman? Nope! A lot of men make this comment whenever it is ‘appropriate’ in their mind. Men just don’t say it out loud, especially when running for an office.

How about calling Rosie O'Donnell fat and ugly? Isn’t it common in our society to look down at the ‘overweight’ women? Now, you can of course be politically correct and call some one ‘curvy.’ Uh, be nice! Don’t call one fat, call curvy! Recently, a magazine showed three women in bikini as beautiful women. However, have you noticed something? The overweight model is classified as beautiful, but curvy! Why not just three beautiful women in bikini? And leave it like that? No, we have to distinguish some as overweight beautiful women!

Here is my favorite – Carly Fiorina’s face as a criterion of presidency! Donald Trump just hit the lotto for ALL the men! He literally said to the whole world, “Look at that face! Would anyone vote for that?...Can you imagine that, the face of our next president."

Where is Ally McBeal when we need her?

This is exactly we treat our women in our society – the Donald Trump’s way! Not all, but most men look at women exactly the way Donald Trump does. Whether you agree with me or not, look at his success in running for the highest office. If most people were upset with his tasteless remarks, he would not be at the spot where he is today. Even Pope found him ‘unchristian’ for wanting to build a wall, but not for making cruel remarks to the women! What does it tell you?

Now one request to the readers from me – please DKTM! (Don’t kill the messenger!)