Today is ‘No Bra’ day. This is to increase the awareness of breast cancer among people. This is (no bra) also a part of the ‘sexual revolution’ in the US, which started a long time ago. And we are still going through that sexual revolution phase and faraway from establishing feminism. It’s sad how we treat women. Perhaps it has reached its peak because of Trump. We really owe this to Trump for bringing so many things on the surface. I have been saying this since Trump is in the limelight that Trump may not be fit to be the POTUS, but sure having a tremendous impact on our society.

We, the men still decide pretty much everything for women. This is why it does not surprise me to see that a lot of women still support Trump despite of his many comments that are offensive to women. We have trained our women that way. Yes, we have! We, the men determine and control their looks, attitude, and way of thinking. Let me give you some examples.

Let me start with the dating ‘game’ here. Dating is a process where two individuals spend time together (days or months) to get to know each other. I will get right to the point. In that process, when a man takes a woman to dinner, his expectation is to have sex after dinner. Why? No, the question is why not to a lot more men than you think. The sad part is a lot of women feel the pressure to that and feel they are ‘obligated’ to return the ‘favor.’ Seriously? Yes, talk to the women and find that out. I used to joke about this in my school days. I love to eat and love to feed people – men and women. I can’t find the correlation between treating dinner and having the right to have sex in exchange of that dinner. Then again, I am still trying to find out how you could grab a woman by their genital! Whether I understand it or not, this is structured like math!

Let us talk about marriage. If a thirty-year old woman is not married, she is mathematically dead in the society! Not only she feels the pressure within her circle of friends, she also gets pressure by her own family especially her mother. Surprised? Talk to some women in their early thirties to understand the phase they go through starting at the age of twenty-five.  Why is that? This is because we have trained them to think this way. A woman’s success depends on her ability to ‘obtain’ a husband and have children in a house. She may have a great career, but her spouse, house, kids, etc measure her ultimate achievement. You are thirty and still have no husband; you are zero – a very simple math.

A woman over 100lbs is a mirror breaking experience for women! We have trained the women to be thin to be desirable. We are trying to include the ‘over weight’ pretty women in the fashion industry by introducing them to be models. Why? Because we realized that a lot of women need ‘oversized’ clothing. We need their business – dollar that is! In that event, we don’t forget to mention that they are ‘big’ and beautiful! Remember, if you are greater than 100 lbs., you are ‘bigger’ than average, which is unwanted and not much admired by men. Need I say anymore? You got to know your number very well – weight, not in terms of your health but looks!

Talking about looks, we, the men somehow managed to train the women to look ‘good’ for us. The most important question of the day is how do I look? The billion-dollar ‘make up’ industry is dedicated to all the ‘beautiful’ women in this country. A man (more than 1 is better) has to ‘approve’ the look of a woman. Life has no meaning if a woman does not look good to a man. From eyeliner (my favorite) to extra hair to add to their own hair – all are used to bring up the ‘look’ of a woman.

Finally, something exclusively for men to remember next time trying to untie a bra. Yes, we the men like that very much, but we don’t know the tremendous struggle or pain women have to carry them on their body. It is not very comfortable to maintain them. The weight due to the gravity and wearing the bra can be painful at times, let alone the chance of having breast cancer. Ask women; they will gladly tell you what do they go through on a daily basis. Men are lucky not to have them. We just apply the math to train them to get them larger to make us happy!

I have a friend who is married to a man who is half of her age. I personally do not see anything wrong with it. However, she tells me a different story. She gets many negative comments all the time. One woman told us it was creepy even to think about it. She said that in front of that woman friend of mine. I protested and asked her why is that. Her response was, “I don’t know, but it sounds so creepy.” I know why. This is because we have trained the women to know that a husband should be 2-3 years older to be a perfect couple! If the age gap is more than 10 or 15 in any direction, it’s a no-no situation and the world falls apart for some people. Recently I learned something jaw dropping from an actress in India. She plays a role (in a TV serial) of a wife where her husband is much older than her. A reporter was interviewing her and asked if she was going to marry a man much older than her in real life. She answered, “Yes, I will. Maybe not a lot, but much more than the normal age because this is good for bonding.” I was astonished by her answer. I never thought of that. According to her, it is much more bonding and strong relationship when the husband is much older than the wife. Wow! I was shocked to hear that from a woman! Realized again that how much a man can learn from a woman.

To women: Depend a little less on men. Try not to be an object, rather be a strong person.

To men: Next time talk to a woman, keep your mind open. You may learn a few things.

Thanks to those women who taught me a lot of things over the years.