Why write2020?

While running a computer-skills training school he owned, Prasanta Kumar Ghosh found how labor-intensive and confusing it was to write materials for the many computer courses at the school. Neither teachers nor students wanted to pore through lengthy, wordy syllabi and lesson plans on top of heavy-duty textbooks. No one had the time or the energy. So he implemented the user-friendly "one-page" course summary.
If the one-page concept worked for heady coursework, imagine what it could do for leisure reading of newspapers and books! How nice it would be to have a basic one-page summary of lengthy, time-consuming reading fare! In fact, why not a one-page synopsis for every 25 pages of each book no matter the subject matter? This way, a reader could get “a delightful, light snack” from books rather than a heavy meal to digest.
Then a brainstorm came to start a webzine based on that idea. This site would include short articles which would be creative renderings of longer ones. The idea of knowing about something in two minutes was perfect for on-the-go people. If a person liked the topic, he or she could research and read more about it through links leading to more in-depth pieces.
“But isn’t that what Wikipedia does?” readers may ask. “There are so many webpages already doing this!”
True. Write2020.com is following a tried-and-true premise that has been on the Internet for years. So what makes it stand out from all the others?
This site was started to publish short, well-referenced, critical-thinking articles on a vast range of topics with acute 20/20 vision. Write2020.com offers a variety of themes on one site.  We also embrace creative writing with our fiction section where writers can post short stories and poems. Write2020.com is an excellent platform for writers to showcase their work and build up their writing credentials and presence on the Web.
Write2020 is not a money-making project from writers’ work. It is the realization of a vision that has been brewing for many years.  If Write2020 proves successful in its content and growth online, other publishing projects could be in the offing, including a writers’ and readers’ forum.
For now, writers are asked to join and write for the site with their own 20/20 vision on whatever moves them.

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