Writing Guidelines and Types of Writing
We accept any topic from anybody in the world as long as the work is presented in a professional, well-referenced  manner. We will be unbiased in every possible way except for the writers' presentation of a topic in such way that is ambiguous and unjustified. A writer must understand the difference between criticism and accusation. Criticizing is admissible, but an accusation must call for evidence. If you cannot show any evidence, we suggest you refrain from doing any finger pointing in your writing.
We will publish your work at our discretion. Continue reading for details.
Write with a 20/20 vision for Write2020.com.
Write on any topic you choose! Just be focused and stay on one topic in a particular article. Don't ramble. Show your points in a thought-provoking way. Present your view in an intelligent way.
You can write on any current event by taking a focused, intelligent, and educated view.
Please be professional! Do not attack another writer personally just because you don't agree with his/her views. Try to embrace others' ideas and views. Remember, different views on a single topic make the subject matter interesting. As a matter of fact, we encourage people to write and expect articles from many different angles.       
Omit any and all material and digressions irrelevant to the topic. For example, when you write about Obama’s policies, please don’t refer to what his daughters were wearing that day. They have nothing to do with the presidency or administration of Obama. 
Keep your article in this range:  minimum 250 words and maximum of 1,500 words. Our preference is around 500 - 800 words, but if you need more words to establish your point, feel free to do so. Just don't go overboard.
We would not accept any work that cannot prove its point of contention. For example, if you comment about a politician who took a bribe, you must have proof of that through reliable, sanctioned news sources. For example, you can write, “According to Sky Post, dated mm/dd/yyyy, Mr. Smart allegedly took a bribe from ABC Company in the amount of $10,000.00.” Use journalistic style and practices.     
Bottom line, you are responsible for your materials. We are merely publishing your work. We are not responsible in any way for your work or adhere to the opinions it espouses. Read the terms and conditions if you have any question.
Short Stories
We prefer no more than 5,000 words for any short story.
Poems should not run more than 200 lines.
Compensation for written work
At this point, we do not have the resources to pay anyone any compensation for their work. But what we do appreciate your submission.
We prefer avoiding the use of any offensive word, but if it is necessary to make a point or add a particular flavor to the story, feel free. Keep in mind, if we see swears used gratuitously, we reserve the right to change your work before publishing or not.  
Pen Name
We prefer you to use your real name. However, you may choose to use a pen name if you submit a notarized page showing your real name, address, phone number, and giving us permission to disclose your information when it is absolutely necessary for any reason.
We reserve the right to stop publishing your work at any time whether you use a pen name or not. We also reserve the right to ask for an official picture ID to verify your true identity. If we demand an ID and you are unable to provide us with a valid ID to our satisfaction, we will terminate your membership immediately without any prior notice to you. 
At this point, we do not have the resources to award a prize in terms of money or in any other form that has value.  We hope to provide awards to writers once we are fiscally able. We will surely publish on our website more about this and how we will do this once we know.  
In the meantime, we will have a reader's choice poll and will publish bi-weekly or monthly the best chosen piece of work in every area possible.
At this point, we do not have the resources to compensate any writer for their wonderful work. We appreciate each and every submission, but writers are to know that they will not get paid for their work.
However, we are working toward marketing the articles and stories on our site to third-party buyers. If anyone contacts us about a particular article, story or poem and wants to purchase it, we will contact the writer in question. There will be a written permission process made available to each writer whereby we will have permission to sell work and split the revenue 60/40, 60% for the writer and 40% for Write2020.com. All sales will take place once the permission form is signed by the writer and received  by the editor-in-chief at Wrtie2020.com. THIS PROGRAM IS STILL IN THE DEVELOPMENT PHASE.
Remember, you are not getting paid for your work, but your writings are being promoted here.
How and where to submit your work
Register on the website first. After you log in, you can copy and paste your work from a Word or text document (best method) and choose the category from our selection you want your work to be under. It's that simple. 
Always precede your work with a short summary (no more than 4-5 lines).
No summary is needed for poetry.
At this time, we are not accepting novellas or novels.
We don't have the staff to edit all articles thoroughly. We will keep our edits at a minimal level. To make the best impression on readers (some of whom might be other publishers looking for good work) please do your best and spend some time polishing your work. Pay close attention to proper punctuation, spelling, grammar, and structure.  The devil is always and forever shall be in the details!
When editing, we will not change the content of the work. We will correct “mechanical” mistakes, if any. If you feel like that your work has been changed, please contact the editor immediately.   
Legal matters
Should any legal matters arise for any reason, we will pursue them in the State of Maryland. Since we are accepting work from everywhere in the world, it is impossible for us to know and follow all the rules of all those places. Thus, all legal matters will fall under Maryland law.
How to contact us
Send your questions and comments to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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