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1. Writing in this site is subject to the terms of this "write2020.com TERMS AND CONDITIONS" and all other policies established on this website. This is an agreement between the user/writer and the site owner/editor, and should be fully read and understood before using this website named write2020.com.
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3 (a). Copyright - You have the right to your work (what you upload) at all time. You should get your work copyrighted because we are not responsible if a third party uses your work in any way. We will not use your work in any way other than publishing it with your consent, what you give us by uploading your work to this website by yourself. Members should not upload any information or work as their own when it is not or hold legal copyright. If a member uploads someone's else's work as his or her own, we will terminate the member immediately.    
3 (b). Copyright - All materials (excluding members' works) are copyrighted by www.write2020.com. No one, including members is allowed to use any of the materials in any way.    
4. Members' Works - www.write2020.com will publish your work as long as you want and a member of the community unless you are terminated for any reason described in this terms and conditions. We will not sell your work without your permission. If anybody contacts us to buy your work, you will be notified. We will share the revenue accordingly when a sale takes place.
5. Members are fully responsible (legal and all others) for the content (and opinion) they upload. Your use of this website comes "AS IS" and it is at your own risk. www.write2020.com disclaims all warranties (expressed and/or implied) without any limitation what so ever.  
6. . INDEMNIFICATION - By agreeing to www.write2020.com terms and conditions, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owner of www.write2020.com, the website itself, editors, employees, and its affiliates if any, and all agents in any way from any claim(s) or demand(s)  made by any third party or parties due to or arising from your uploaded work or out of anything you submit or post at the blog on www.write2020.com. You are solely responsible for your work or anything else you upload and/or post at your own will. You accept all responsibility, legal and all others, for your own actions.

7. You agree to our rights to publish or not to publish, edit, or make changes to your work when you upload your work. We also reserve the right to delete your work for any reason after we publish your work. We will publish all the works submitted by the members at our sole discretion. 
8. Link to Other Websites - If we provide a link to other sites, we are not responsible for those websites and their content or actions since we do not own or control those sites.

9. Your Personal Information - We will not use your personal information (names, address, etc.) in any way - such as selling to others. We will publish your work as long as you remain a member of the community and your name will appear on the "By Line." We will contact you via your email by using the email address you provide when signing up to become a member. You understand and agree that if anyone uses your information from the work you submit, we will not be responsible for their actions, thus you have to seek help or take actions accordingly. You understand and agree that any expenses arise from such actions WILL NOT be paid by www.write2020.com, its owner, employees, and agents if any.
10. TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP - The following is a list of reasons we may terminate you from uploading your work and/or post in this website:
(a) Termination for personal attack or harassing others including a fellow writer - You will be terminated immediately if you harass and/or personally attack anyone involved in this website. We will not tolerate such behavior and will terminate you without any notice what so ever. 
(b) Termination for Spamming - Do not spam. You will be terminated immediately if you spam.
(c) Termination for Having More Than one Account - If we catch you having more than one account, we will terminate you immediately.
(d) Termination for Impersonating -  We will terminate you immediately if you impersonate anyone involved in this website.
(e) Termination for Providing False/Wrong Information - If you become a member by providing us wrong information, we will terminate you immediately without any notice. We reserve the right to ask any member at any time to provide us with an official picture ID (such as Driver's license) to verify your identity. If you fail to provide us with a valid ID by the time given to you, you will be terminated immediately without any further notice.
(f) Termination for Any Reason or No Reason - www.write2020.com reserves the right to terminate any member at any time for any reason or no reason what so ever.
(g) Action after Termination - After you are terminated if you try to become a member again without our written permission, you will be prosecuted under the Maryland (United States) law.
11. You are REQUIRED to keep copies of your works (submissions). In case of a server crash or any nature of damage by virus or anyone including the web developer of the site, or accidently deleting by anyone, www.write2020.com will not be responsible in any way.     
12. Amendment of the TERMS AND CONDITIONS - www.write2020.com reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time with or without any prior notice. If you do not agree to this term and conditions, you have the right not to become a member of the community. If we amend this agreement and you do not agree to such amendment(s), you will have the right to terminate your membership. You cannot alter this agreement in any way.  
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