Hello crow;

I want to see you walk,

I want to hear you talk.

I know you can do this;

I know who you are.


I am the crow.

I can hear

When you ask me,

But you won’t get an answer.

The long years have tired me,

And now I am gone.


Stay in the light; do not stray into darkness.

I am still with you -

I inhabit your heart, so stay

With the crows

And remember.


You stand all alone,

while the light is blocked out...

The shadows are forming,

and yet you stand firm.


What will you see,

when the darkness is rising?

There is no one to help,

in the deep, in the dark.


Look out to your left,

where the black night is deepest.

I see there a phantom -

the first of a legion.


They have sumnmoned the darkness,

They have brought it upon us!


In the gathering darkness,

who will you look to?

In the deepening shadows,

what will you see?


Is there anyone there?


So why don’t I
Just hang around
The cross, and see
Who comes?

I sit and sigh,
(‘twixt you and I)
And learn to
Twiddle thumbs.

Say aye and I,
And fill with cry,
And hem and haw
And hack!

But you and I,
My dear, the lie,
Must now to sit
And talk.

So why don’t you
Stand still and moo,
And moo and chew
Your cud?

I sit and sigh,
(‘twixt you and I)
And think, Dear God,
You smell!

I never thought
You did lie, lie,
My thoughts fall like
A feather.

You see, said I,
I will not lie,
But then, I won’t
Be true.

Blow in the wind,
Said I, said I,
But then, you would
Not be a

Why I, why I,
So who, so aye,
So who is this cow,



Passionless kisses and sweet nothings in the ear.

Meaningless moments embraced in each other’s arms.

Her means and my means are not one in the same.

Delicate touch under her frail white chin

to remove her vision

from the dark corner.


Back in the days when your heart beat to the tune of your youthful dreams.

When deep inside you knew you were destined to achieve great things.

All the negativity and all the naysayer’s could be pushed aside as easily as a curtain,

and every time that curtain was moved, your eyes were drawn once again to that distant horizon.

The place where your dreams would carry you.


When we were young we shared the heart of a kitten.

Chasing those balls of yarn,

watching them as they rolled towards the horizon

where we thought we would chase them forever.

I was naïve in those days.

I did not yet realize

that our hearts didn’t beat to the same rhythm.

As we grew older, your heart remained unchanged.

Holding onto those dark days of your past

with a bitter remembrance.


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