In 2008, the most disgusting thing I heard about Obama is his percentage of race—his "Blackness," that is! For the first time, I heard that you can be Black to a certain percentage. Who knew? Since his mother was Caucasian, some people were trying to define him part White, part Black in terms of a percentage.


After nine years, the US troops leave Iraq. This is not just an end of a war; to some people, this is also a hope that the US will think twice, before it goes into another war. No war is wanted, but some are justified more than the others. It may sound childish, but war is unavoidable sometimes. When Iraq occupied Kuwait, the US fought Iraq for justified reason. At that time, most of the world also supported the US.


Recently, PornHub, a large site for pornography announced that it will be giving a $25,000 scholarship to a college kid who writes an essay on the good they are doing in the world. 

The irony is almost too much to handle. With sites like the fightthenewdrug.com showing increased exposure of just how damaging porn is, there has been a lot of backlash.

These sites and others have shown how most of the people involved in the sex trade are actually there because they've been trafficked. They didn't choose that life.

So the fact that porn industry wants to reach out and help promote college education seems a little absurd and ridiculous to be frank.

The fact is that pornography is a real problem with real consequences. There is an estimate of over 2 million children in the sex slave and the porn industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. They don't show any signs of letting up either.

This seems to be the latest way that the porn industry is trying to show that they are normal and a good thing for society. I agree with Fight the New Drug; the porn industry isn't fooling anybody with this latest attempt. 



Are you going to start writing soon?

-Yes, I intend to. Why?

-They will kill you.

-It's OK. I will rezarette in Alaska.

-You will what in Alaska?

-Rezarette, rezarette, like you. I will rezarette!

-You mean resurrect! It's not rezarette.

-Please don't start now! It took me ten years to be able to say precipitation and another ten years to know that all it means is rain!