After nine years, the US troops leave Iraq. This is not just an end of a war; to some people, this is also a hope that the US will think twice, before it goes into another war. No war is wanted, but some are justified more than the others. It may sound childish, but war is unavoidable sometimes. When Iraq occupied Kuwait, the US fought Iraq for justified reason. At that time, most of the world also supported the US.


In 2008, the most disgusting thing I heard about Obama is his percentage of race—his "Blackness," that is! For the first time, I heard that you can be Black to a certain percentage. Who knew? Since his mother was Caucasian, some people were trying to define him part White, part Black in terms of a percentage.


Are you going to start writing soon?

-Yes, I intend to. Why?

-They will kill you.

-It's OK. I will rezarette in Alaska.

-You will what in Alaska?

-Rezarette, rezarette, like you. I will rezarette!

-You mean resurrect! It's not rezarette.

-Please don't start now! It took me ten years to be able to say precipitation and another ten years to know that all it means is rain!


Being a gentleman isn't always easy in today's society. You are often mocked or scorned. People put lots of road blocks in your path to prevent you from being a gentleman. Some will call you out-dated or just not up to date with how things are in today's society.

It used to be acceptable to open a girl's door for her. Now it's often ridiculed. This begs the question of whether it's okay to be a gentleman or whether it's best just to ignore the issue all together.

It makes people ask if opening doors is chivalrous or just a waste of time. 



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