Are you going to start writing soon?

-Yes, I intend to. Why?

-They will kill you.

-It's OK. I will rezarette in Alaska.

-You will what in Alaska?

-Rezarette, rezarette, like you. I will rezarette!

-You mean resurrect! It's not rezarette.

-Please don't start now! It took me ten years to be able to say precipitation and another ten years to know that all it means is rain!


America is being swept under the craziness of the upcoming election. Hillary Cinton is leading the Democrats, and for a great deal of the race, Donald Trump has led the Republicans.

Yet, what raises interest for me is the fact that Trump seems to be encircled with controversy. He has insulted veterans, immigrants, and several other groups.

However, he still seems to be at the forefront of the race. Many Americans claim to like Trump because he isn't a politician, rather he's one of the every day folks. This has raised much discussion over how a millionaire can be one of the everyday people.

Yet, as the race inches closer to election year, it will be interesting to see if this man of the people can keep up this persona. 


Back in the days when your heart beat to the tune of your youthful dreams.

When deep inside you knew you were destined to achieve great things.

All the negativity and all the naysayer’s could be pushed aside as easily as a curtain,

and every time that curtain was moved, your eyes were drawn once again to that distant horizon.

The place where your dreams would carry you.