News organizations across the globe are reporting on what many are now calling the refugee crisis. With increase dangers from organizations like ISIS, a civil war in Syria, and weak economies in places such as Africa, it's no wonder that an increased amount of people are seeking to enter the European Union as refugees.

The hype over the crisis increased after photos of a drowned toddler surfaced after he died trying to enter Greece. He drowned along with 11 others, including his five-year-old brother.

Today thousands of refugees from Hungary were blocked from boarding a train to go to Germany. 

The EU has announced that they will be releasing a new plan next week to help combat this problem. Most people agree it's about time.

The victims of the refugee crisis are rising, and with the death of the toddler from Syria, it's reached everybody's attention.

The question is what will the solution be and is there a solution that will help the refugees but also perserve the economies of the EU. It's a hard problem to solve, but nonetheless, the world will be waiting for the EU's response next week. 


I am beginning to see a link between myself and Einstein’s theory of relativity, and how these two things are also in direct relation to not only quantum entanglement, but to all things everywhere.

I am a positive person in general, and I notice that the people and things I surround myself with also seem to radiate with good intention and joy. This can be seen throughout my entire house on a grand scale, like one of my roommates or my cat, or down to the pencil I write with, or the pillow I rest my head upon. Why shouldn’t these people and things radiate with joy? After all, if they didn’t make me happy, then I wouldn’t have them in my life. People who are generally fun find their way into my life because we attract one another like a magnet. ‘Like attracts like.’


According to the National Coalition against Domestic Violence, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused in the United States, meaning that this makes 10 million people a year.

Further statistics show that 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 have been victims of physical violence by an intimate partner within their lifetime in the United States.

According to the British Crime Survey Statistical Bulletin, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will be the victims of domestic abuse in their lifetime.

Thirty percent of women in Italy are affected by domestic violence, and Italy’s femicide rates are catching attention worldwide, according to Forbes.

These statistics seem harsh — but that’s because the reality of domestic violence is brutal.

Domestic violence has always been one of the most difficult crimes to catch and to punish.

One partner who forced sex on his or her partner is often not considered rape or abuse. Rather it’s the partner taking what’s rightfully his or her.

Furthermore, oftentimes abused partners stay with the abuser because of fear of breaking apart their family.

Several women say things like “I didn’t want to divorce him until the kids were raised.”

However, this raises the issue of whether kids are better off being raised in a violent, abusive home or a single parent home.

On this topic, people seem to take several different sides.

The consensus seems to be that domestic violence in on the rise and so is domestic murder-suicide.

This begs the question of what can be done to help prevent further “femicide” due to domestic violence. 


I spend a large portion of my time trying to calm down. It’s as though I could die if I don’t close my eyes and pretend this world doesn’t exist, because I find the love I have for this world can be a bit overwhelming, and if I don’t keep myself in check, my heart may explode.

Ok. Maybe my heart won’t explode, but it sure feels that way sometimes. And it doesn’t just feel as though it will explode like dynamite mind you. Rather, it feels like every time I take a moment to gaze about my surroundings - to take it all in - I feel a potential energy building up inside me. Ready to break open like a split atom, causing a mushroom cloud to rise into the atmosphere and rain my love down upon the earth.


During September and October, when several Hindu festivals take place, my father would buy me so many fireworks that would last at least for another month or so to annoy my poor mother. I didn’t care for her anger. Rockets, crackers, telephone, tubri, stars, chocolate bomb, potash ….so many types, so many names! I had fun with my father and fireworks!