Passionless kisses and sweet nothings in the ear.

Meaningless moments embraced in each other’s arms.

Her means and my means are not one in the same.

Delicate touch under her frail white chin

to remove her vision

from the dark corner.


I am beginning to see a link between myself and Einstein’s theory of relativity, and how these two things are also in direct relation to not only quantum entanglement, but to all things everywhere.

I am a positive person in general, and I notice that the people and things I surround myself with also seem to radiate with good intention and joy. This can be seen throughout my entire house on a grand scale, like one of my roommates or my cat, or down to the pencil I write with, or the pillow I rest my head upon. Why shouldn’t these people and things radiate with joy? After all, if they didn’t make me happy, then I wouldn’t have them in my life. People who are generally fun find their way into my life because we attract one another like a magnet. ‘Like attracts like.’


I spend a large portion of my time trying to calm down. It’s as though I could die if I don’t close my eyes and pretend this world doesn’t exist, because I find the love I have for this world can be a bit overwhelming, and if I don’t keep myself in check, my heart may explode.

Ok. Maybe my heart won’t explode, but it sure feels that way sometimes. And it doesn’t just feel as though it will explode like dynamite mind you. Rather, it feels like every time I take a moment to gaze about my surroundings - to take it all in - I feel a potential energy building up inside me. Ready to break open like a split atom, causing a mushroom cloud to rise into the atmosphere and rain my love down upon the earth.


Back in the days when your heart beat to the tune of your youthful dreams.

When deep inside you knew you were destined to achieve great things.

All the negativity and all the naysayer’s could be pushed aside as easily as a curtain,

and every time that curtain was moved, your eyes were drawn once again to that distant horizon.

The place where your dreams would carry you.


When we were young we shared the heart of a kitten.

Chasing those balls of yarn,

watching them as they rolled towards the horizon

where we thought we would chase them forever.

I was naïve in those days.

I did not yet realize

that our hearts didn’t beat to the same rhythm.

As we grew older, your heart remained unchanged.

Holding onto those dark days of your past

with a bitter remembrance.


I have noticed some strange happenings as of late, and I am not sure if the problem is a result of the pressure our society places upon us, or whether it has been around for a long time, but I have noticed it is difficult for people to achieve happiness in their lives without having to endure constant ridicule by their peers.

Why can’t people just be happy for one another?