You stand all alone,

while the light is blocked out...

The shadows are forming,

and yet you stand firm.


What will you see,

when the darkness is rising?

There is no one to help,

in the deep, in the dark.


Look out to your left,

where the black night is deepest.

I see there a phantom -

the first of a legion.


They have sumnmoned the darkness,

They have brought it upon us!


In the gathering darkness,

who will you look to?

In the deepening shadows,

what will you see?


Is there anyone there?

About the Author

Margaret Banford

Margaret Banford lives in perpetual fear of the mountain of books she lives in collapsing. Someone who love debate, her favourite subjects include philosophy, politics, music and drama When not writing, Margaret spends her time playing the piano and baking cakes that make grown men cry.

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