A year ago, I registered the domain name “Write2020.com.” I tried again and again to develop and launch the website to build a community of readers and writers, but I faced many obstacles, one after another.
In August 2011, I came across to a site very similar to my concept and fell in love with it. I loved the site so much that I published about thirty articles in that site in about 45 days. I even published a poem (ahem ahem) in that site! The site was operated by a company in England. Unfortunately, the site went out of business in January 2012.
In the meantime, I kept working on this site: Write2020.com. This time I was determined to launch the site, be it good or bad! I battled site design, functionality, and limited resources. Finally, all the problems were solved. On April 9, 2012 write2020.com was officially launched! A very special day in my life!
The site is not perfect. It does have its glitches. But I guarantee that as we grow, it will get better. Web glitches will not stop me in following my dream! I ask that you as contributing writers and of course readers give me any and all feedback, and help me to make it better.
I want to take this opportunity to mention that it's not a money-making project. I am not launching this site to start a business. If and only if it does become a business venture, I will announce it right here. For now, let us concentrate on building a community of readers and writers. I will be very happy if I can generate some income to start giving awards to writers and stipends to the volunteers.  This would be a most marvelous goal!     
I hope with all my heart that you join me in a wonderful writing venture!
Prasanta K. Ghosh
April 9, 2012

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